Thursday, December 07, 2006

this is a color test for a bg that i'm working on, I did it in photoshop, buti think that i have to paint it in flash so that i can zoom really deep into it. I hope i can keep the mood.


Anonymous said...

man..this is great. Awesome mood and colors. Keep it up.

Phil said...

agreed....nice Job, it's got personality

REE said...

cool idea. love the mood.

you ever consider using after effects with your flash stuff?

Chris said...

Tight composition, son! The hard work paid off.

Anonymous said...

great style. . . great blog.

St John Street said...

All the best for the year!!!

Amanda said...

Thought you'd find this interesting, because I did. Who knew that BedStuy isn't at the end of the planet?

Talk to me again soon. I miss you.

Virginiajoe said...

I like this a kind dramatic and darky!!

Stephen Studios said...

nice work, mood is awesome!

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