Thursday, February 02, 2006

somebody tell me how to post quicktimes and swfs, or i'ma tag up your photographs.


craig said...

No help on postin QT's but I gotta say you have some great sketches. The life drawing and quick studies are sweet.

Ryan Smith said...

Very cool!

REE said...

how to post them "inside" of blogger, can't help you. Check out one of those computer animator dudes. they usuall have some embedded somethin on their blogs.

But, if you just wanna link to your .swf or .mov, then you have to use a host. Like a server. my other site is thru yahoo. So, I upload my files over there and link to them from blogger.

hope that helps. I know you got some fire over the brewing.

btw, I love that photograph! I told you a long time ago to post more pix from around your way.

Jade said...

I like this

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